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About Monkey
Who are we?

Monkey Moulding Company was established in 2000. We are a manufacturer of high quality plastic injection moulds for the global customers. Our production plant is in Shenzhen with factory area over 3,000 square meters. We employ over 200 professional engineers and skilled workers, and are equipped with a wide range of advanced machinery.

Mushrooming process

Three experienced, talented and competent engineers decided to leave their jobs and set their own moulding company in 2000. To start, there were only 30 employees in a factory of 40 square meters at that time. By our loyalty to client, world class products & competitive prices provided, we gradually mushroom into the present establishment in just 5 years! The growth rate of annual revenue and so as the employees had been almost 50% each year.

What do we provide?

Built on our strong engineering team and supported by Italian experts, the company has the ability to produce moulds at highest international standard with shortest lead-time and competitive pricing.

We provide one-stop service from product design, prototype making, mould design, mould construction, testing, debug, pilot run as well as injection and assembly. Offering world class service to our global customers with good partnership is our motto.

Our successful factors

Continuous improvement and upgrades of the advanced facilities are the key to our success. Besides, all of our employees are devoted to our company. We are family so they always devote to their jobs! Their high efficiency and devoted attitude greatly lower our production cost so competitive prices can be provided to our clients. In addition, our employees are very energetic and experienced. Their average age is 30 with 10 years working experience in moulding industry.

Company Mission

Establishing a long term Win-Win relationship with our clients by providing world class quality injection moulds with shortest lead-time and competitive pricing while maintaining the reasonable growth rate of our own company & become our employees beloved company.

Management Style

The management structure is simple and so we can always make quick and flexible decisions. Communication barrier are kept to the minimum.

We have the advantages of the western and eastern management techniques, because most of our management level have invaluable working experiences in both multnational companies and local companies in China and Hong Kong.

Emphasis on Win-Win relationship with our clients! - Their benefit is our benefit!

Employees are our most valuable assets of our company! - We have continuous improvement and training of our employees to upgrade their skills. A fair and attractive evaluation and rewarding system is provided. In addition, mental and physical health is encouraged.


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Product Design and Prototype-making
Plastic Injection Mould
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