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Mould Design and Engineering | Injection Moulding | Quality Control

Mould Design and Engineering
Engineering team designs all the molds with various and advanced software to make sure the mould construction, cooling system and precision mechanism working with best performance and meeting the requirement of customers.
Our Italian experts share the latest manufacturing technology and current international standard with our engineers.
The engineering team provides one-stop service from product design, prototype making, mould design, mould construction, testing, debugging and pilot run.
Matching advanced technology with advanced equipment, we can fulfill all the needs of our global customers.
Injection Moulding
Our injection department owns 20sets injection moulding machines with clamping force ranging from 50 to 1000tonnes. We handle different kind of injection moulding such as dual-injection, hot-runners and insert moulding.
All the machinery is managed by the manufacturing engineers and technicians who work closely with the mould design engineers to provide the highest quality and cost-effective products.
During the process of the injection testing, our engineers help customers to resolve all related technical problems.
Quality Control

All the moulds are thoroughly tested with the simulating operating conditions before delivery for shipment. Tested by the latest equipment and recorded with all the relative data, the moulds are proved that all the construction and mechanism can be well operated.

All the documents of moulds such as the mould drawing, CD, mould testing reports together with the final injected shots are shipped together with the moulds as a whole complete package, which makes sure all the reference dates are collected and delivered to our customers as production guidance.

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